Review: Time to Say Goodbye by S.D Robertson

25424912.jpgDate of Publication: 11th February 2016

Publisher: Avon Harper Collins

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Book description: Is there ever a right time to let go?


Will Curtis’s six-year-old daughter, Ella, knows her father will never leave her. After all, he promised her so when her mother died. And he’s going to do everything he can to keep his word.

What Will doesn’t know is that the promise he made to his little girl might be harder to keep than he imagined. When he’s faced with an impossible decision, Will finds that the most obvious choice might not be the right one.

But the future is full of unexpected surprises. And father and daughter are about to embark on an unforgettable journey together . . .

My Review

The Plot
Time To Say Goodbye is basically a story of how a father passed away and embarks on a journey of saying goodbye to his 6 year old daughter. It goes on to tell how Will (the father) weighs the pros and cons of staying on Earth to be with his daughter Ella or passing over to the other side.

What I Like
I like how the protagonist is a male cos we usually read this kind of story from a female point of view cos usually in stories like this, it’s the mother who has the bond with the child. But in this story, as Will’s wife passed away after giving birth to Ella, her father is all Ella has (well, not including the grandparents, aunt and uncle, but that’s beside the point). Anyway, after he died in an accident while on the way to pick up his daughter, Will was given three months to decide whether to stay or leave. I like how, in those three months, the author told us how Will ‘connects’ to his daughter to the point of them being able to see and talk to each other and it was intriguing to know what would have happened if Will decided to stay instead of leave like spirits normally do. I like the way how Robertson’s language is easy to read (I read the book in just one day). Some of the portrayal of the father-daughter relationship were also believable and that truthfully makes me a bit teary when it comes the time for them to say goodbye.

What I Don’t Like
I feel that some of the dialogues in this book comes across very scripted-like, as in not very natural. Though it was only apparent in certain parts of the story (like when Ella was talking to the adults, for example), it did take a little bit of enjoyment out of reading the book. Even though I like Will’s family but I did not enjoy the subplots on Will’s father cos I felt that take too much focus on what is essentially a book about Will and his daughter and it would have been much better if the author had focused more on them rather than someone else. Had the author written more of Will and Ella’s relationship, like how Will truly spends his ‘last days’ with his daughter, this would have been a full-blown tearjerker for sure!

My rating: 4/5 stars

Disclaimer: I received the ARC from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange of honest reviews. All opinions are mine.

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