Monthly TBR

March 2016 TBR

Hi everyone!

So, in order to make it much easier for me to track what I want or need to read for a certain month, I had made it a point to put the books that I want to read for the month in a separate ‘bookshelf’. Currently, I have 16 books on my bookshelf, so let’s see if I can stick to that or not :p

Let’s start with the ARCs that were given to me through Netgalley (I love Netgalley!!), so you can look out for my reviews of those in the coming weeks.

  • Among a Thousand Stars by Jo Bartlett
  • The Square by Rosie Millard
  • That’s What Friends Are For by Marcie Steele (most excited to read this one cos I’ve read some good reviews about it!)
  • Dear Thing by Julie Cohen (I think this is a re-release, cos I saw it with a different cover before. It will be re-published on March 29th 2016)
  • The Hearts We Mend (Banister Falls #2) by Kathryn Springer – to be published on March 9th. I’m already halfway through this and loving it so far. Can’t wait to read the first book in the series.
  • From Here to Home by Marie Bostwick – this looks like a good read too, to be published on March 29th

Next, the new releases from the past month(s) that I’ve been dying to read~ I’ve never seen any bad reviews of these books, so naturally my curiosity is piqued and I can’t wait to fall in love with them!

This month, I would also like to read a couple of books by Sarah Addison Allen after seeing a couple of bookish people that I followed on instagram/twitter spazzing about the books and since I already have two of her books in my collection, why not? Not sure yet which one I’m going to read first but I’m just going close one eye and choose lol

Finally, the physical books! As much as I love e-books, I still have over 60 plus of physical books that I need/want to read so here are some that I would like to read over the course of the month. The first three of the books are actually rented from my local bookstore, but the others are from my own collection.




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