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Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts: From Here to Home

THURSDAY - thirstythursday

Hi guys~!

Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts is a weekly feature/meme over at (un)Conventional Book Views, where we post a little something about food or drinks or meals that were mentioned in the book that we’re reading or have read. So here’s mine for this week, taken from the book From Here to Home by Marie Bostwick, which will be released on March 28th:


Wrapping up the tour of Too Much, Mary Dell drove Gary out to the ranch for a delicious meal of chicken-fried steak and peppery cream gravy, fried okra, green beans, jalapeño corn bread and peach pie, all arranged by Taffy.

*drools* I’m really liking the whole elements of food presented here, especially the chicken-fried steak and peach pie. I’m always partial to peaches 🙂 Anyway, when I read this, I didn’t know what is okra, so I had to google it and found that it’s actually a veggie that I’ve always known with another name, which is bhendi. You learn something new everyday. ^^


5 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts: From Here to Home

  1. I need to stop searching out food things when I’m hungry. I LOVE okra. There’s a restaurant near me that specializes in comfort food and has fried okra — I get it every time. Along with fried chicken. 😛 So good. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. That is so neat that you know okra by a different name! I had no idea it was called something else. 🙂 I’m from Texas originally, although I’ve lived in Colorado now for almost 20 years, but chicken fried steak and fried okra are two of my favorite foods followed closely by corn bread and peach cobbler! *ha* Thanks for sharing the quote, Sya…I’ll have to check out From Here to Home. 😀


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