Review: From Here to Home by Marie Bostwick



Date of Publication: 29th March 2016

Publisher: Kensington

Purchase: Amazon

New York Times bestselling author Marie Bostwick welcomes readers to the quirky, unforgettable town of Too Much, Texas, in a heartwarming, richly satisfying story of friendship and moving forward…

Mary Dell Templeton prefers the quiet charms of Too Much to the bright lights of Dallas any day. She’s relieved to be moving back to her hometown–and bringing her cable TV show, Quintessential Quilting, with her. There are just a couple of wrinkles in her plan. Her son, Howard, who is her talented co-host and color consultant, and happens to have Down syndrome, wants to stay in Dallas and become more independent. Meanwhile, Mary Dell’s new boss hopes to attract a different demographic–by bringing in a younger co-host.

What Holly Silva knows about quilting wouldn’t fill a thimble, but she’s smart and ambitious. Her career hinges on outshining the formidable Mary Dell in order to earn her own show. Yet as Holly adapts to small-town living and begins a new romance, and Mary Dell considers rekindling an old one, the two find unlikely kinship. For as Mary Dell knows, the women of Too Much have a knack for untangling the knottiest problems when they work together. And sometimes the pattern for happiness is as simple and surprising as it is beautiful…

My Review: This is my first time reading any Marie Bostwick book so I did not know what to expect. Truthfully, when I first saw it on Netgalley, I was first taken by the beautiful cover! And after reading it, I just realized that it is the second novel in a series (from Too Much, Texas series) but this can totally be read as a standalone.

Besides from the cover, I love both the main characters, Mary Dell and Holly, who are from very different generation and have different skills in quilting. Mary Dell, who had been hosting her quilting show for a long time, has tons of experience while Holly has none. However, they were expected to co-host the show in order to bring in more audience so of course there were issues with that. However, what I like the most was the fact that instead of putting the two women in a rift, the author made them work together so well and made their relationship believable. I love how both are very strong and knows what they want.

Other than that, when I read it, there were a few elements that I felt really stood out in this story. I love the language used as it’s easy to read and even though the story centers around the quilting show, the terms used were not too difficult for me to understand as I know nothing about quilting! I also love that some serious issues were brought forward in the book like the issue of PTSD with Mary Dell’s nephew, Rob Lee, and also how people with Down Syndrome are able to function like normal adults, like Mary Dell’s son, Howard. I love some of the side characters too, especially Rob Lee and Cady.

However, I do not like how there were so many stories in the book that it gets all over the place at times and I felt that some of the stories do not get the fullest potential that it deserved. I’m gutted that there were so much of Mary Dell that Holly’s storylines were kind of pushed to the side and we only got that epilogue. I need more than that! It’s not that I don’t love Mary Dell, I just wished that there was more of Holly. I’m also not a huge fan of Hub-Jay. Though he came through in the end, but throughout the book, I’m just annoyed with him, with how he ‘pushed’ Mary Dell even when it was clear that she was not ready for commitment.

I would still recommend this book though, for those who love heart-warming family dramas with a little bit of romance thrown in and a little bit of quilting on the side. If anything, you could experience the Southern hospitality which is plentiful in this book. Just the mention of the food prepared by Taffy in the book made me drool. 🙂

My rating: 4/5 stars

Disclaimer: I received the ARC from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange of honest reviews. All opinions are mine.


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