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Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts: Dear Thing

THURSDAY - thirstythursday

Hi guys~!

Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts is a weekly feature/meme over at (un)Conventional Book Views, where we post a little something about food or drinks or meals that were mentioned in the book that we’re reading or have read. So here’s mine for this week, taken from the book Dear Thing by Julie Cohen, which was actually released back in 2013 but was published in the US a couple of days ago on March 29th. I just finished reading the book earlier this evening and it was so heart-wrenchingly good. Do look out for my review tomorrow or the day after ^^

Anyway, in the book, one of the main characters, Romily is an entomologist and she studied bugs while Claire, the other woman, is a music teacher, who has the summer off. With all the time on her hand, Claire had baked some cupcakes to bring to Romily’s workplace.

dearthing“What brings you here with cupcakes?”

“Oh, it’s the summer holidays and I have some free time. I thought you might like these.” She put the tin on the cleared table and opened it.

It was full of beetles. Hal actually jumped back. Romily leaned forward.

There were dozen cupcakes, each iced white, each with a bettle on it. Romily picked one up. The Stag Beetle was beautifully executed in icing and liquorice. Its mandibles jutted out and there was even a faint green sheen on its elytra.

“This is incredible. You made these?”

“Yes. I… had some spare time, as I said, I found the pictures on the internet. I’m sorry if they’re not very accurate.”

“For something that’s edible, it’s remarkably correct.” Romily looked at it from all angles. It smelled delicious, like sugar and vanilla.

I would like to see these beetle cupcakes!! I’m always amazed at how long people would spend their time making such creation. It must have been very hard.

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