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Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts: Some Women

THURSDAY - thirstythursday

Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts is a weekly feature/meme over at(un)Conventional Book Views, where we post a little something about food or drinks or meals that were mentioned in the book that we’re reading or have read. I’m currently reading Some Women written by Emily Liebert for review. I’m only a few pages in but I like what I’m reading so far, so hopefully it is good. Here’s something food-related that I found in the book:

25894012“The race is on.”

“What race?”

“NASCAR. It’s just another forty-five minutes. Relax.”

There it was. The state of being that purportedly held the key to her infinite happiness: relaxation. Except how exactly was she supposed to kick up her feet and chill out when there were still three more loads of laundry to be done? Not to mention dinner to queue up for that evening – for them and the boys. Because God forbid everyone in the house should eat the same thing. Actually, it would be remarkable if even two people ate the same thing. Harper subsisted solely on a diet of peanut butter and jelly, fruit and spaghetti with no sauce, while Hudson – who was allergic to peanut butter- preferred chicken, apples and carrots at every meal. Every meal, including breakfast. Henry was on a diet, which he’d been on since Nixon was in the White House, so he was off carbs completely, save for the family-sized bags of Peanut M&M’s he would devour after she’d gone to sleep at night. And although Annabel would have loved to shun bread, pasta and rice for all eternity -perhaps then she’d be able to zip up that black dress- she’d found that they were integral to both her sanity and her well-being.

I’m not married and I have no kids but I do know how hard it is to prepare food for everyone in the family. It’s crazy! When we were younger, when my older brother came back from college for the weekend, my mum would be cooking an entirely new dish for him because he was such a picky eater. Nowadays, my niece is the type who would eat any kind of pasta or bread but would not eat rice, so it’s always hard preparing food for her alone because otherwise she would not eat anything. And how funny was that last line about thinking of not taking carbs but have to take it anyway to save her sanity and well-being? I can totally relate with that! I’m an Asian and we need rice to live :p

How is food preparation in your household? And are there any type of food that you’re not supposed to take but you break the rules and take it anyway? 🙂


5 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts: Some Women

  1. Oh, that blurb took me back to when my kids were little…the small ones ate first, and had individually prepared meals because of their pickiness (fish sticks and applesauce, for one of them!). Then dinner later for the adults, and it had to be the meat and potatoes kind of them for the hubs.

    Much better nowadays! Just me.



  2. oh LOL! I have always refused to make more than one meal – I have four kids, and while they all eat something of everything, they do have their preferences. When they were younger, I kept telling them they would have to eat without liking it, if not there would just be no food. No way could I prepare more than one meal after work and being their chauffeur to their various activities 😀
    I feel sorry for your heroine, because when someone has allergies, it’s different, and also, once you’ve started making different meals, it must be very hard to change that later on.


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