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Top Ten Tuesday: Books Every Cafe-Lovers Should Read

If you know me, you would know how much I love cafes. I love cafe-hopping with friends, just hanging out and catching up with the latest goss. So if a story is set in a cafe or a characters works in a cafe (or any other eating establishments, I’m not very choosy haha), that is already a winning formula to me. So for Top Ten Tuesday this week, as hosted by The Broke and The Bookish, I thought I would compile a list of ten books that every cafe-lovers should read. Just a heads up, this list is randomly numbered.

10134852Meet Me at Cupcake Cafe by Jenny Colgan – I think this was the first Jenny Colgan book that I read. Then I read Christmas at the Cupcake Cafe and fell even more in love 🙂



18213783Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan – While this is not exactly set in a cafe but it’s a bakery. And a seaside bakery at that. Double win! I just got the second book in series, Summer at the Little Beach Street Bakery last week, so I cannot wait to indulge in that.


12968131When I Fall In Love by Miranda Dickinson – While not really obviously titled with Cafe in the title, but the main character in this book, Elsie, works in an ice-cream cafe called Sundae & Cher, where the owner Cher kept on coming up with lots and yummy-sounding ice-cream, like Blueberry Choc Chip and Hazelnut Oreo swirl. YUM!

18914921Christmas at the Gingerbread Cafe by Rebecca Raisin – The first book that I read from Rebecca Raisin and I instantly fell in love with Lil and CeeCee. There are also two more books from the series which is Chocolate Dreams at Gingerbread Cafe & Christmas Wedding at Gingerbread Cafe, both a very good read 🙂

02Mince-pie Mix Up by Jennifer Joyce – Judy, one half of the married couple whose life got switched because of mince pies works part-time in a cafe. Though there were not that many scenes were in the cafe itself but there were enough to keep me interested 🙂

11720316Just Another Manic Mum Day by Mink Elliot – this is the story of Roxy and her friend Shoshanna opening a cafe called JAMM (Just Another Manic Mum) to cater exclusively for parents, where the parents and kids are allowed to hang out and there are play areas for the kids. Cute concept 🙂

24914827The Grand Re-opening of Dandelion Cafe by Jenny Oliver – the book that introduced me to Jenny Oliver and I just kept falling in love. This is a story of Annie who inherited the Dandelion cafe and her struggles to make the cafe work, from giving the cafe a makeover to having new menu and also falling in love at the same time. The other books in the Cherry Pie Island series are some of my faves too, and the cafe was mentioned few times in the other books 🙂

23622315Christmas at the Heartbreak Cafe by Melissa Hill – There’s just something about Christmas and cafes that I really love. In this book, the owner of Heartbreak Cafe, Ella, is planning to close down her cafe after her lease is not renewed. So to celebrate a long-standing local establishment, she decided to hold one last hurrah. Love the sense of community in this book 🙂

10244911The Beach Cafe by Lucy Diamond – Lucy Diamond is definitely one of my fave authors and her Beach Cafe series is definitely something worth checking out. I just love Evie and Ed, and I even love the novellas from the series. There are three, Christmas at the Beach Cafe, Christmas Gifts at the Beach Cafe and the latest is A Baby at the Beach Cafe. I haven’t read the third one yet but will look forward to read it soon!

351711The Chocolate Lovers’ Club by Carole Matthews – Carole Matthews is another of my must-read authors. I’ve enjoyed most of her works that I’ve read (so far!) and this book definitely fits the bill for cafe-lovers. Though this was more about the people in the chocolate lovers’ club, but they do meet up in a chocolate cafe called Chocolate Heaven, where they concoct heavenly chocolate that is sure to make you drool. There are three other books in the Chocolate Lovers’ series (the fourth, The Chocolate Lovers’ Wedding, is set to be released very soon but I have yet to read any of them. *shame* I should definitely catch up soon!



5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books Every Cafe-Lovers Should Read

  1. Oh wow.your topic was quite interesting.I can’t think about one book featuring a cafe but now I’ll be more keen on it.Great post.I like the uniqueness of your topic 🙂


  2. These books all seem really cute, and this is a brilliant topic as well, definitely the most unique one I’ve seen so far. I haven’t read any of these but I may have to check some of them out because they sound quite good, plus some of the titles have made me hungry 😀


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