Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts: Flora’s Lot

Hi guys!!

Back again for another post of Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts, a meme/feature hosted by Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Book Views, where we post a little something about food or drinks or meals that were mentioned in the book that we’re reading or have read. I recently finished reading Flora’s Lot by Katie Fforde and there were many instances where food were mentioned throughout the book. Here’s what I chose:

676191In the kitchen, Flora had all the makings of a wonderful supper. Two bottles of Sauvignon blanc from New Zealand, as recommended by the nice man in the off-licence, were in the fridge. To have with it, she had made lacy parmesan wafers, which had involved a lot of testing, they were so delicious. Smoked salmon on blinis with sour cream and pancetta were laid out on a very pretty platter, another car-boot find, and she had even sprinkled a few beads of lumpfish roe, in lieu of caviar, on the top, for decorative effect. As a main course, they were going to have a William-inspired salad, enhanced with bits and pieces from the garden, chicken breasts poached in white vermouth with a lemon sauce, and accompanying it, in case it looked too much like diet food, was potato salad with home-made mayonnaise sprinkled with chives. For pudding, she had made raspberry pavlova, using the egg whites from the mayonnaise and raspberries given to her by Geoffrey and Edie when they heard her mother was coming. Everyone was looking forward to meeting her.

I had to google for images of lacy parmesan wafers and also smoked salmon on blinis but omg this whole passage is drool-worthy, especially with the mention of raspberry pavlova towards the end. Pavlova is my weakness!!

Have you had any of these before?


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