Review: A Home in Sunset Bay by Rebecca Pugh


Date of Publication: February 9th 2016

Publisher: Carina UK

Purchase: Amazon UK

There’s no place like home…

Enough is enough! The always perfect Laurie Chapman had jumped in her car and raced as fast as she could from London heading to Sunset Bay and (she hopes!) the open arms of her estranged sister…

Mia Chapman loves running Dolly’s Diner in the picture-perfect coastal Cornish town of Sunset Bay. Now that her and Grandma Dolly’s dream is finally a reality Mia has never been prouder! Until Laurie suddenly turns up on her doorstep… How can she forgive the sister who walked away?

Once upon a time Mia and Laurie were best friends. Back together after so long, the time has come for the sisters to figure out what went so wrong all those years ago – and whether they can ever put it right!

My review:

A Home in Sunset Bay is a story of two estranged sisters who were brought together in Sunset Bay and a diner called Dolly’s Diner, previously owned by their grandmother Dolly.

This book has been in my TBR since it was released but I could never find the time to pick it up. Then I found out that the author has another book coming out soon called Down on Daffodil Lane, so I thought this is the best time to play catch up and read this book. And I am happy to say that it is such a good read that it did not disappoint at all!

I just love the way Rebecca wrote her description of the places and the diner. It makes me want to be there in Sunset Bay, being one of the customers at the diner and just basically soak in all the good things it has to offer. I love everything about it and I thought having the Christmas market scene is like icing on the cake cos I just love reading about Christmas markets.

I love the two sisters, Mia and Laurie and also their relationship with each other. I love how their relationship developed from being estranged to sisters who can rely on each other. As for the love interests, as much as I love Cal and Marco, I wish that there were more details on how they fall in love with the sisters. Like, I would love to know exactly why Cal broke up with Hannah and maybe more details on Marco. I can’t help but feel that the way they fall in love with the sisters is too insta-love.

However, this is still a very good read. Pick it up if you want to be transported to a small seaside village in England, because this author really pays attention to that detail. 🙂

My rating: 4hearts


4 thoughts on “Review: A Home in Sunset Bay by Rebecca Pugh

  1. Great review. A seaside book is always lovely to read if well written. I like to keep them for a sunny day say by my caravan or on a beach.


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