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Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts: Billy and Me

Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts is a weekly feature/meme over at(un)Conventional Book Views, where we post a little something about food or drinks or meals that were mentioned in the book that we’re reading or have read. Last week, most of the books that I read were set in a shop of some kind (cafe, diner, tea shop, etc) so there were an abundance of food-related passages that I could share but because I wouldn’t want you guys to be drooling thinking of all the food and drink, I’ll just choose one to share haha.

So anyway, here’s a passage from Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher. The main character, Sophie, works in a teashop in her village so there were lots of mention about food and drinks all throughout the book. However, what I had chosen had nothing to do with the teashop but instead it’s of the time when Sophie works for a little while in a coffee shop in London called Coffee Matters, which sounds like a branch of Starbucks.

25663643“Tall caramel macchiato, extra hot with whipped cream,” shouts Andrzej, my new Polish boss, who, before I even have time to pick up the cup he has just placed beside me, is already shouting the next order. 

“Grande sugar-free, soya vanilla latte.”

I falter for a second, breaking down the drinks’ names, before picking up both cups and placing them under the espresso machine. At Tea-on-the-Hill the drinks menu was simple – white or black coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate or any flavour tea you wanted (it’s only boiling water and adding a teabag – hardly rocket science). Here it’s a different story and it’s taking me a while to get my head around it – there are just so many choices!

I don’t go to Starbucks much but when I do go, it’s always to order something like chocolate java chip with hazelnut syrup (or peppermint syrup when it’s festive season yummy!) And it has always amazed me how people would order a drink with very long and very specific name at Starbucks (or equivalent).

What about you? What’s your ‘signature’ drink? 🙂


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