Review: The Chic Boutique on Baker Street by Rachel Dove

CgjBm5iUoAAF7d_Publication date: April 21st 2016

Published by: Mills & Boon

Purchase: Amazon

Amanda is making the idyllic escape to the countryside to find a new life. Ben is picking up the pieces of his life after his wife left. Could a chance encounter outside Amanda’s ‘chic boutique’ set them on the road to renewed happiness? Shop owner Amanda leaves London behind for life in the country and find’s love with local vet Ben in this fun, addictive winner of the Prima Flirty Fiction competition




My Review:

The Chic Boutique on Baker Street tells the story of Amanda who left London after she was fired to start a new life in the countryside, buying a new shop and flat to start a new business. There, she met Ben, the owner of the dog-grooming business next to hers and they did not get off to the right start. However, sparks were flying and when you add in a group of matchmaking ladies, you’ve got a romantic story with colourful and delightful characters.

I truly enjoyed reading this book and thought that it was such a delightful debut novel. The characters were lovable and I love it when Amanda and Ben were together. However, I think the winner in the book is actually the silver brigade, the group of elderly ladies who are on matchmaking mission to make Amanda and Ben happen. While sometimes seemingly pushy, they are endearing in only ways that grandmas could. I laughed when Ben referred to them as ‘hurricane grandma’. 😀

As much as I loved the book, I thought it could have been better if the timeline had been been a bit more organized because it was jumpy at some parts of the book and it can get kind of confusing. I also thought that it was annoying how Amanda and Ben went through countless ‘misunderstanding’ and can’t help wishing that if only they talked to each other before jumping to the conclusion. It would have been okay if it’s just a one time thing but the next time it happened, it just gets annoying.

However, this is still a very good read. For the most part, I enjoyed the development of Amanda and Ben’s relationship and how Amanda changed from someone from a very cutthroat corporate background to someone who could adapt to village life. I will definitely be looking forward to more stories from this writer. 🙂

My rating: 4hearts


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