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Top Ten Tuesday: Bookworm Delights

Hi guys!! So, this Top Ten Tuesday post (as hosted by The Broke and The Bookish) came a little bit late since it’s already Wednesday now on my side of the world. Oops. Nevertheless, here’s my list of ten things that I love as a bookworm, in random order.

  1. Going into a bookstore – I can’t explain it, I just feel so much happiness just going into a bookstore (any kind) even if I’m not buying anything. I like to stroke the book covers and spines and there may or may not be a hello exchanged between us.
  2. Getting books for a very cheap price – I had mentioned earlier how I’ve never bought books at retail price cos they tend to be a bit on the expensive side, even for me, so when I was able to get books for a very cheap price, that makes the bookworm in me very very happy. 😎
  3. Book mails – book mails are the best kind of mail! Enough said. I always look forward to book mails cos it’s like getting presents from myself to myself.
  4.  Books displayed on bookshelves – As much as I love ebooks, I still love seeing books displayed on the bookshelves more. I’ve seen people doing rainbow bookshelves and omg that’s my favourite kind of bookshelves but I don’t have enough rainbow coloured books to have a proper rainbow bookshelves. And the books that I have are mostly pastel-coloured so they don’t make really good striking rainbow bookshelves. But I do arrange them by colours though (separated by whether I’ve read them or not), so seeing that organized makes me happy. 😆
  5. Discovering new books on Goodreads – YES MORE BOOKS TO READ! (As if my TBR pile is not a huge enough of a mountain) 😉
  6. Reading books from your favourite authors – I have a longgggg list of favourite authors and I love it when they release a new book and I love it even more when I get the chance to read it as soon as it’s released. Happier when the book is so damn good and you’re reminded why that said author is in your fave list. 🙂
  7. Having books when you’re on the go – this is where my love for my Nook is endless. It’s just so easy bringing it around if I have to go to places cos it’s so mobile and so light. And I love the options that ebooks give to me cos I’m always worried about what if I don’t like the book that I’m reading? With ebook reader, I can just switch to whatever books that I have loaded in it. 😎
  8. Bookish merchandise – I don’t have a lot yet but what I have, I do love them. I hope to get more soon!
  9. Finding quotes in books – I love quotes, so when I found quotes that are profound, or something that makes you think, that makes me very happy.
  10. That moment when you can just wind down with a good book – Yes, I live for this moment! Nowadays, I try to unplug from the internet and the social media so when it’s 10pm, it’s just me and my book. I found that I read more that way cos I was just so busy during the day with work and family stuff that reading tends to get in the way.

How about you? Any of these makes your bookworm heart happy? Let me know 🙂

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