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Thursday Quotable: The Choice

Thursday Quotable is a feature hosted at Bookshelf Fantasies where you share quotes that made you cry, laugh or gasp this week.

My quote today is from The Choice by Nicholas Sparks. Okay, to be honest, I did not recently read this book. I read this like a few years ago but today I just watched the movie, so I went back to my quotes collection cos I remember having some bookmarked. Here’s one of it. (Anyway, with Nicholas Sparks, I always feel like people either love him or hate him. I, for one, love him, however predictable and cliche most of his stories are. I have his latest, See Me, in my TBR so hopefully I will be able to read that soon!)

the choice“I’m different now than I was then. Just like I was different at the end of the trip than I’d been at the beginning. And I’ll be different tomorrow than I am today. And what that means is I can never replicate that trip. Even if I went to the same places and met the same people, it wouldn’t be the same.”


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