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Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Travel Websites that I Love

“Addicted to words and getting places” That’s how I described myself on almost all of my social media platforms, to describe my love for reading and also traveling. Seriously, if I can travel and read books all day everyday, I would consider my life made. But alas, real life came knocking so I have to answer it. However, I do love to dream and keep the wanderlust feels going even if I don’t have any plan of going anywhere in the short term. After all, dreams are free, right? So for Top Ten Tuesday this week (as hosted by The Broke and the Bookish), I thought I would share with you the websites that I love to visit to feed my desire to travel. The list will be divided into two parts: the websites and the blogs. So without further ado, here’s my list:

Part 1: The General Websites

  1. Tripadvisor – This is definitely the modern version of guidebooks and I like going on here just to see what kind of attraction that I can expect to see or should see or we can ask for help on itineraries for the countries that we’re going to. I love the tips and tricks that was shared for the places because that is such a lifesaver!
  2. Airbnb – If I travel in a large group, I always opt for apartments cos it’s just easier to prepare food and there’s space for everyone to have their own space while at the same we’re still together, if you know what I mean. Airbnb is great for that and I’ve had good experiences with it so far. Well, I’ve only done it twice (once in Seoul, once in Melbourne) but I’m always looking forward to do it more. Sometimes I just like to key in whatever place that comes into my mind, even if I’m not even planning to go there in the near future, just to see what kind of apartments or houses that are on offer and save it on my wishlist. 🙂
  3. Skyscanner – Cheap tickets, ’nuff said! I like that I can set alerts to a certain date(s) that I want to travel so I get emails to show whether the price have dropped or increased.
  4. – my go-to website for booking accommodation other than apartments or houses. I love that they don’t take deposits because I just hate getting my credit card charged unnecessarily. And they always have Free Cancellation too, which is awesome.
  5. Google Maps – I’m usually pretty crappy with directions in my own country but I somehow always turn into someone who would just know where to go, like I’m that person where people go to for directions when I’m overseas. It’s really funny cos I’m not like that in my country. Sometimes I don’t even know how to go to certain places despite having gone there for countless times. But in foreign land, I was instantly turned into someone who can read maps and I have Google Maps to thank for that! I always like to ‘travel’ virtually first so that I would know the kind of building that I’ll be staying in, the surrounding, the road names, the nearest attractions, the nearest train/tram/bus station and the likes. Let me tell you, it’s really amazing to see the names or places, that you’ve only ever seen on the maps, in real life. 😎

Part 2: The Blogs

I don’t know why but I always seem to follow blogs whose owners are single female traveling solo and they always left their desk/office jobs to pursue their passion for traveling. Of course I am not saying that one day I’m going to pack up my stuff and start traveling full time but these women are really inspiring and I love reading their posts, keeping up with their travels and basically living vicariously through them. Below are link to their blogs and my favourite post from them.

  1. Adventurous Kate – Kate discussed about the time when it was just too hard to take pictures when the weather/light/time/place is not permitting during her trip to Old San Juan, Puerto Rico in the post When the Photography Gods Don’t Smile Upon You and it gives me a clearer view on what is it like to be a travel blogger. It’s hard work because you’re not just a tourist but a blogger who has to have the contents to post on your blogs!
  2. The Blonde Abroad – Kiersten blogged about 20 Trips to Take in Your 20’s and while I thought some of them are something that I would never personally do, I think it’s still a good list to refer to if you love adventure and wouldn’t mind doing something new.
  3. A Girl Who Travels – Marta shares her views on Why You Should Travel Solo While In A Relationship and I thought it was a great write-up because it shows that it doesn’t matter if you’re coupled up, you’re still an individual and you should go and do your own thing.
  4. Girl vs Globe – Sabina wrote this funny, sarcastic post about 15 Ways Travels Ruin Your Life and I couldn’t help agreeing with each one of her points!
  5. Young Adventuress – Liz wrote about facing her fears while traveling in Coping with Fear and Travel and I thought it was a very significant post and taught me that I should conquer my own fears.



5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Travel Websites that I Love

  1. LOVE THIS. Travel blogs are a bit new to me because I just haven’t ever looked for them before, but this list will provide a good starting ground.

    Also AirBnB – I’m totally guilty of searching a particular city and filtering to the most expensive places and going through the wonderful, wonderful pictures of upscale accommodations, haha. One day. 😛


  2. Oh AirBnB. Haven’t tried it yet but I do want to try. I tried Couch surfing when I went to Malaysia but it didnt pan out! I love the travel blog list! Ama check them out one by one later!


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