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Weekly Wrap Up – May 15th

Before this, I used to do This Week in Books and also WWW Wednesday but I always felt it’s redundant and kind of hard for me to post on Wednesdays to show what I’ve been reading this week, therefore I decided to do one post on Sundays to have a wrap up, which I’ll be linking to Sunday Post and also Saturday Situation. Here in this post, you can find some general updates (on life, work, family life, etc, if there are any), a wrap up of the books I’ve read this week, reviews that I’ve written and also posts that I published.

General Updates

Exams are over so basically it’s not just the time for the students to rejoice but for the teachers as well. We still have to go to work but we’re free to do anything that we want, which was really nice so my colleagues and I have just been hanging out at the office. I was also able to take a couple of days off from work but since I had no plan to go anywhere, I just spent it at home with family.

Books I Read

This week, I participated in a readathon Bout of Books and I was really excited for this because BOB was the reason that this blog exists. It really couldn’t have happened at a better time because the busy period at work just ended and therefore I have a lot more time to read during the day and of course during night time as well. I managed to read 7 books, which I’m really happy about because it exceeds my goal of 5 books (yay) and I also participated in a few of the challenges, which I will link down below.

Books Review Posts

Other Book Posts

That’s all from me this week. Have a good week ahead, guys! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up – May 15th

  1. Wow you did a wonderful job with bout of books. Looks like you enjoyed all the books that you read. I’ll have to check some of them out.
    I am thinking about not doing www wednesday either. Most of the time I am just posting the same books.
    Happy Reading 💗


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