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Quotable Quotes – Week 1

I love quotes. There are always countless times when I was reading a book, I would bookmark the pages if I’m reading on my e-reader, or take out my phone to capture a pic of it if I’m reading a physical book. So I thought I would have a proper post for all my quotes taken from the books that I read last week. So here are some quotes that I found very worthy to share this week. (click on the image to go to the Goodreads page of the book)


Our Song by Dani Atkins

“I sat at the white marble breakfast bar, staring with unseeing eyes as vibrant orange streaks splashed through the grey early morning sky, like a canvas where the artist had suddenly changed his mind. I watched the scene change from night to day. It was an inevitable part of life. You couldn’t stop it, or fight it. People changed all the time, friendship came and went and relationships changed, evolved and moved on. But what about feeling – did they ever really change?”


Summer at Rose Island by Holly Martin

“I imagine there will be many. Relationships are a bumpy road and it won’t always be plain sailing for us. But these ammonites have survived millions of years, as you said, they’ve survived storms and tides and waves. If they can survive that, they can be a reminder for us that we can survive a few bumps in the road along the way.”

“I definitely think you’re a weirdo. You live in a lighthouse on your own, you don’t want to mix with other people, you read stories about mermaids. But I’m weird too, so we can be weird together.”


Adorkable by Cookie O’Gorman

“My voice had disappeared the moment he spoke the words. It was my favourite line of the entire movie, and he’d done it so well, too well. Even though it wasn’t used romantically in the movie, the sentiment had always sounded like a promise to my ears. I’m your Huckleberry. I’m the one you’re looking for. I. Am. For. You. I’d always dreamed of someone saying it to me. If I hadn’t been in love before, those words coming from his lips would’ve done me in.”

the crown

The Crown by Kiera Cass

“Even Erik had gotten me a flower. I smirked a bit as I took it. “This is a dandelion,” I told him. He shrugged. “I know. Some see a weed; some see a flower. Perspective.”

“You have to embrace the idea of perfection, even in the thing that is most perfect for you.”

“I realize I’m in no position to tell you what to do, but you seem to handle things much better when you think about them less. Get out of your head. Trust your guy. Trust your heart.”

“Love. Like clothes, I had guessed it was something that fit no two people exactly the same way. I was still unsure what the word looked like for me, but I sensed that sooner rather than later, it would be fully defined. All that remained to be seen was if I could be satisfied with the definition.”

“I’m telling you, Eady, wars and treaties and even countries will all come and go. But your life is yours, singular and sacred, and you should be with the person who makes it feel that way every blessed second you live it.”

“You are always just Eadlyn. And you are always the queen. You are everything to everyone. And infinitely more to me.”

“There is no shame in loving who you love, and there is great honor in doing what is right. It’s a pity those two things don’t overlap for us, but that makes this moment no less important for me.”

“It was a delicious feeling, falling in love. I’d had so many luxuries in my life, and I thought I’d had a taste of this before, but I realized now it was merely a cheap imitation of something not meant to be imitated in the first place.”

Have you read any share-worthy quotes this week? Please do share~ 😀

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