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Books Wanderlust – White Cliff Bay

Welcome to a new feature here in BookishSya~! If you know me, you would know that I love traveling as much as reading but it’s not always cheap so I’m thankful that I have books to fall back on because I always feel that I can travel to other places through that. It’s always a joy to read description of places in the books that eventhough some are fictional places, it still makes me feel that wanderlust feeling of wanting to explore new places and discover hidden gems.

For this edition, I will bring you to visit a place from a book that I recently read (and reviewed!). I will be sharing some descriptions of the places as taken from the books so you can imagine with me how the places look like.

White Cliff Bay (Summer at Rose Island by Holly Martin)


Summer at Rose Island is a story about Darcy who moved from London to White Cliff Bay after a string of failed relationship and jobs. At White Cliff Bay, she met (and fell in love) with Riley, a reclusive American guy who lives in a lighthouse on Rose Island. The lighthouse have been in his family for generations but due to an order from the council, he has to evacuate. There starts their story of how they fell in love with each other and how they saved the lighthouse.

I’ve always loved White Cliff Bay ever since I first started reading the first two books in the series: Christmas at Lilac Cottage & Snowflakes on the Silver Cove. I thought that it’s a cosy seaside town and I just love all the details that the author had put into the creation of the town. I also love the premise of a character living in a lighthouse because I never know you could do that. Here are some descriptions to share:

  • Darcy pulled her goggles onto her forehead and looked over the golden-crested waves of White Cliff Bay. The late afternoon sun was just starting to make its descent, painting the sky a candyfloss pink. From her position on Rose Island, about three hundred yards out into the bay, she could see almost the whole town in all its glory. The quieter part of Silver Cove, where she now lived, the main shops and the hodgepodge of cute little house that cascaded down the steep hills of the main town centre. She smiled. She knew she was going to be happy here.
  • She leaned back to look at the lighthouse, the sun glinting off the glass at the top. It was a beautiful, old building, painted in traditional red and white colours, with the multi-faceted lantern at the top. 
  • As shops and pubs started appearing and more people were lining the streets, Darcy couldn’t help but smile at the cute little town, where everyone seemed to know everyone else. There were no chain stores here, every shop seemed to be individual – privately owned places with quirky names like Emily’s Emporium, which seemed to be the local supermarket, and Iced Dreams, which sold ice cream in every flavour. Sugar and Spice was the local bakery.

Ahhh I just love White Cliff Bay. There’s always something special with a town that you just want to visit over and over again, even if it’s just on the pages of your favourite books. I wrote a review on Summer at Rose Island and you can check it out here.


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