Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up – June 5th

Hello and welcome to my weekly wrap up where I wrap up my life in terms of general happenings, books that I’ve read for the past week, books that I’ve purchased or received for reviews, reviews and also other bookish posts that I’ve published on the blog.


Nothing much was going on in my life. It’s just work as usual, busy as always. But this week, somehow I had the urge to rewatch episodes of Gilmore Girls, in anticipation of the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix. I can’t wait for that! I have been such a huge fan of the series 😀

Yesterday, a group of my friends went to watch Me Before You. I thought I would cry my eyes out when it got to the ending but I just got like sad feels and got to escape the cinema dry-eyed. I thought the movie was great but the ending kinda lacked something, maybe a bit too rushed? But oh well, it’s still a great movie and I can’t expect them to cram the whole book into a 2 hour movie. :p


It’s not a good reading week for me because I only managed to read three books this week but I only thoroughly enjoyed 1 of them. Here are the books I read:


For review




That’s all from me this week! Hope you’ll have a great week ahead😀

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up – June 5th

  1. Oh my God, everyone is talking about Gilmore Girls 😀 I started watching a few weeks ago thanks to a reference in a blog post, and now I’m binge-watching and obsessing, haha!


    1. IKR! It’s so easy to be obsessing about it. It’s like once you start, you can’t stop. I was thinking to just watch random episodes at first but nope, gotta start from episode 1. Is it your first time watching or are you rewatching? 😀


  2. I read a Nina LaCour short story last wee and it was my first time with her writing, but I liked it. And I’m looking forward to Love and Gelato as well.


  3. Your book covers are all so pretty, and in the same color scheme and tone! Isn’t that funny? It must be what’s in right now. I will have to check out You Know Me Well.


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