Unboxing: Bookish Bundle July Box

Another month, another bookish bundle yay! This month’s theme is royalty and I have to say that before I got the box, I was really excited to what the team came up with. Just in case you’re not familiar, Bookish Bundle is basically a book subscription service based in Malaysia, so if you’re a Malaysian book-lover who don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for overseas bookish subscription boxes, this one is for you. For RM75, you get a book and a few bookish items and this is my second time getting it, and I thought it was a steal, totally something worth getting.

Without further ado, let’s get on with the unboxing. 😀

They changed the box from the last one and I definitely like this one better!
First look of the items in the box.
Handmade soap shaped like a book with a crown on the cover. This is cute! I don’t think I’ll ever use it though so I’ll just display it on my bookshelf.
Bookmarks featuring books about royalty. We couldn’t have enough bookmarks, right? 😀
Chronicles of Narnia poster. My Narnia knowledge is only limited to the ones that I’ve watched from the movies but I do like this. 😀
Totally my fave part of the box! I love totebags and can never get enough of them.
The book that was included in the box. I did not know anything about this book but I’m kind of excited to read it. 🙂

Overall, this box does not disappoint. I like that they changed the box to the flip kind cos the last one they used was kinda flimsy. I wasn’t sure about the poster at first cos I think I like the thick postcard kind better than thin poster but now it’s already on my wall and I love it. My most favourite part of the box was definitely the totebag. I love that so so much! I can definitely see myself bringing that around everywhere. Last but not least, the team definitely chose a good book, and by a good book here I meant a book that I could see myself reading, maybe not now but somewhere in the future. I definitely like this one better than the last one.

Their next box is going to be released in October and I *think* the theme is going to be something about horror or Halloween-related but I’m not too sure cos it has not been revealed yet. Do keep your eyes open though cos I think they’re going to start the pre-order soon. 🙂

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