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Quotable Quotes #7

I love quotes. There are always countless times when I was reading a book, I would bookmark the pages if I’m reading on my e-reader, or take out my phone to capture a pic of it or tabbed it with little post-it stickers if I’m reading a physical book. So I thought I would have a proper post for all my quotes taken from the books that I read last week. So here are some quotes that I found very worthy to share this week, from books that I read by Kasie West and Cathy Bramley.

18660447The Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie West

“You like analogies, don’t you?”
“Yes, I do. Words are powerful.”

“You sure think about names a lot. Wait, don’t tell me, you’re one of those girls who’s already named all her future children.”
“No, I’m not.” Well, not all of them.

Hayden pointed at the olives I had picked off my pizza. “What’s going on there?”
“I’m not an olive fan.”
“There were other options without olives.”
“I like the flavor the olives leave on the pizza. I just don’t like the texture of the olive itself.”
He laughed then popped one of my discarded olives into his mouth. “Weirdo.”
“I like weird. Normal is so boring.”

“So, being remembered. Is that what life is about?”
“Better than being forgotten.”
“I guess I’d rather be remembered for something, though.”
“Like what?”
“I have no idea.”

plumberry2Plumberry School of Comfort Food by Cathy Bramley

Sometimes you just get out of bed the wrong side and you have no one to blame for your own grumpiness. At other times, the blame can be very justifiably placed at the feet of others.

“Did your mother never tell you it’s rude to stare?”
Actually, I think she said that if a man ever offered to cook for me, first check he wasn’t gay and second, marry him instantly.

“A recipe is just a list of ingredients, but what brings it to life is the memory, the people, the mood. I think that’s what makes a dish amazing.” ~ Tom

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